The home mountain 
for children.


The natural environment is by far the best playground.

Innsbruck's home mountain is a summer paradise for the whole family: There are no fewer than 86 attractive walking trails and 14 mountain pastures to explore, plus many welcome breaks.

The children can let off steam at playgrounds by the valley and mountain stations. And now there are two special offers for young and old: on Kofele's walking tour quiz you get to answer questions at 13 stations on the way to the summit and then win a nice surprise.

In addition, in order to create a varied walking adventure, we have waymarked some particularly family-friendly trails - with the help of a deer, a fox, an owl and a stone pine.

We hope you have a lot of fun on our home mountain.

Two new offers for the whole family

1: Kofele's Quizhike

On the way to the summit, you will find 13 stations where you can answer intriguing questions about the Patscherkofel and its natural environment. When all the puzzles have been solved, you can pick up a surprise in the "Das Kofel" restaurant.

Difference in altitude: ascent 280m
Duration of walk: 1 to 1,5 hours
Distance: 2,7 kilometers
2: hikes with the owl, deer and fox
The animals have left their mark in the forest and on the mountain. Follow them on hikes large or small and discover the natural world of our home mountain.

Please find more information in our information folder.
Owl Trail
Starting point is the Patscherkofelbahn mountain station heading east on the Zirbenweg as far as Boscheben. Return the same way to the Patscherkofelbahn mountain station.

Difference in altitude: ascent: 100m / descent: 100m
Duration of walk: 1,5 hours
Distance: 4,7 kilometers

Alternative: from Boscheben via the panorama-trail Jochleitensteig round the summit back to the mountain station.

Difference in altitude: ascent: 220m / descent: 200m
Duration of walk: 2 hours
Distance: 5,7 kilometers
Deer Trail
Starting point is the Patscherkofelbahn mountain station heading east on the Zirbenweg as far as Boscheben. Continue on the panorama-trail Jochleitensteig as far as the turnoff to the summit. Return from the summit to the mountain station via the forest path.

Difference in altitude: ascent: 320m / descent: 320m
Duration of walk: 2,75 hours
Distance: 7 kilometers
Fox Trail

Vitalweg trail: the starting point is the middle station of the Patscherkofelbahn. From there walk via the Patscheralm and
the Hochmahdalm to the mountain station of the Patscherkofelbahn. The tour is also possible in the opposite direction.

Difference in altitude: ascent: 250m
Duration of walk: 1,5 hours
Distance: 3,5 kilometers