The home mountain 
for children.


New winter offers for the whole family

1: Kofele's summit tour

Kofele's summit tour starts at "Das Kofel" restaurant at the mountain station and ends at the summit. Please take a flyer at the valley station. On the way to the top there are 8 stations where you can try to answer some tricky riddles.

At "Das Kofel" restaurant at the mountain station there will be a surprise for all those who have solved the riddles with the right word. Have fun!

PS: Kofele's summit tour is also suitable with snowshoes or as a winter hike.

2: Kofele's track

Skiing-enthusiastic children conquer steep turns and waves in Kofele's Track and fun is not neglected.

Expected at the beginning of January 2023..

3: Kofele's children park

Over an area of more than 15,000 m2, children can have fun learning to ski with guidance from professional ski instructors.
Right by the bottom lift station and close to the sun terrace of "Das Hausberg" restaurant.