Daily values

Data: Patscherkofel mountain station (2000m)
DateSunday, April 21, 2024
Weather statusLight snowfall, mostly cloudy

Summary of today's weather forecast

Overcast all day and snow shower. Around before sunrise it remains densely cloudy. From during forenoon up till noon and from the first half of the night up till midnight, light snowfall is likely, the clouds will remain rather dense. From from noon on up to in the first half of the night, expect dense clouds and moderate, possibly even heavy snowfall. Daily sum fresh snow in the order of 10 - 15 cm, snow line 500 - 1000 m. Approximately 0 - 0.5 h sunshine. Wind 10 - 20 km/h coming from north. Temperatures -9 up to -5 °C.
Patscherkofel Ropeway Section ILift closed
Patscherkofel Ropeway Section IILift closed

Alpine Garden

In harmony with nature
Alpine Garden

Botanical alpine garden & hiking along the timberline

The Patscherkofel Alpine Garden is the highest botanical garden in Austria and has been owned by the University of Innsbruck since 1930. The ideal location directly at the timberline provides the perfect environment for naturally occurring plant communities such as dwarf shrub heath, high forest and tall herbaceous vegetation. For the interested visitor (free admission), a signposted circular trail awaits with educational information on the sensitive balance of these habitats worthy of protection.

More information at Alpine Garden University of Innsbruck.