Daily values

Data: Patscherkofel mountain station (2000m)
DateThursday, September 28, 2023
Weather statusSun without clouds
Wind15 km/h

Summary of today's weather forecast

Most of the time sunny as well as temporarily windy. From early morning till late evening, it is cloudless for long stretches. At midnight, expect a changeable mixture of clouds and loosening up. All day long only isolated showers or dry. In the vicinity of 9 - 11 h sunshine duration. The temperatures rise from 9 up to 16 °C.
Patscherkofel Ropeway Section ILift opened
Patscherkofel Ropeway Section IILift opened

Kofele's Children's Land

Skiing fun for young and old
Kofele's Children's Land

With Kofele and the animals from the forest.

On an area of over 15,000 square metres, children can learn to ski in a playful way under professional guidance. Directly at the valley station, in the immediate vicinity of the sun terrace of the "Das Hausberg" restaurant.

For advanced children, there is also the Heiligwasser slope and the family downhill run.

A total of 6 easy slopes are available for beginners:

  • 3
    Family descent
  • 3a
    Family descent
  • 9
    Heiligwasser slope
  • 10
    Kofele's children's land
  • 10a
    Kofele's children's land
  • 11
    Practice Meadow Igls


  • simple
  • intermediate
  • difficult