Daily values

Data: Patscherkofel mountain station (2000m)
DateMonday, December 4, 2023
Weather statusCompact clouds without sun
Wind30 km/h
Snowdepth0 cm
Avalanche status1
New snow1 cm

Summary of today's weather forecast

Overcast all day. Around before sunrise, it will be a bit changeable but mostly dry with some broken clouds. From during forenoon up to midnight, clouds remain compact. Full day isolated weak showers, snow-rain limit roughly 100 m. Around 0 - 0.5 h sunshine. Mean wind 30 - 35 km/h from south, gusts up to 60 km/h. Temperatures -9 up to -4 °C.
Patscherkofel Ropeway Section ILift closed
Patscherkofel Ropeway Section IILift closed
Rope Tow PatscherkofelLift closed
Heiligwasser LiftLift closed
ConveyorLift closed
Kids LiftLift closed
Rope Tow IglsLift closed

1Olympic runSlope closed
2World Cup slopeSlope closed
3Family descentSlope closed
3aFamily descentSlope closed
4Giant slalom race courseSlope closed
5Olympic runSlope closed
5aOlympic runSlope closed
6Family descentSlope closed
6aFamily descentSlope closed
6bFamily descent (Access Olympic run)Slope closed
6cFamily descentSlope closed
7Heiligwasser slopeSlope closed
8Heiligwasser slopeSlope closed
9Heiligwasser slopeSlope closed
10Kofele's children's landSlope closed
10aKofele's children's landSlope closed
11Practice Meadow IglsSlope closed


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