Daily values

Data: Patscherkofel mountain station (2000m)
DateSaturday, July 13, 2024
Weather statusSun, clouds, rain showers

Summary of today's weather forecast

Mostly cloudy, just a bit sun and partly light and furthermore intermittent moderately heavy rain showers. Around the early morning, at midday and at midnight, expect some rain showers, with variable cloudiness some loosening is also likely. From until early morning until before noon it is loosened up. Around in the afternoon, moderate, sometimes even heavy rain is to be expected and the clouds remain dense. Expect unsettled conditions at in the first half of the night, it will probably remain overcast with a bit rain. At the first half of the night, the sky is mostly overcast. Daily sum accumulated rain in the order of magnitude 5 - 10 mm. Approximately 3 - 5 h sun. Wind 10 - 15 km/h from east, wind gusts up to 50 km/h. Temperatures 7 up to 11 °C.
Patscherkofel Ropeway Section ILift opened
Patscherkofel Ropeway Section IILift opened

Kofele's bee education trail

Hiking in the footsteps of bees
Kofele's bee education trail

Playfully exploring Patscherkofel with your kids

Help Kofele become a beekeeper and explore the 7 educational stations along the way. With the correct solution word you will then receive a great surprise at the Hochmahdalm. Have fun!

  • Discover the showcase located directly at the Kofele's playground next to the valley station of the Patscherkofel cable car.
  • Observe the bee colonies from June to July near the Hochmahdalm producing our own alpine rose honey.
  • Enjoy the alpine rose honey from our own production in various dishes at the "Das Kofel" restaurant and at the Hochmahdalm or take one of our products home.

Kofele's Bee Trail

  • Walk in the footsteps of the bees and find out exciting facts about our little helpers. The trail runs from the mountain station to the Hochmahdalm. Shortly before the Hochmahdalm you will find the Kofele’s bee trail.
  • For the busy bees among you, a flyer with exciting questions is available at the Hochmahdalm. With the correct solution word you will get a great surprise!