Daily values

Data: Patscherkofel mountain station (2000m)
DateTuesday, June 25, 2024
Weather statusSun and clouds

Summary of today's weather forecast

A mixture of sun and clouds. Around early morning and around after midday, the sky brightens up from time to time. From before sunrise by midday compact clouds predominate. From during late evening till midnight, it is cloudless for long stretches. Daily sum precipitation in the order of magnitude 1 - 2 mm. Roughly 5 - 7 h sun. Mean wind 5 - 15 km/h from east. Temperatures 6 up to 14 °C.
Patscherkofel Ropeway Section ILift opened
Patscherkofel Ropeway Section IILift opened


The fun park above the city

Hotspot and insider tip

The snowpark on the Patscherkofel has been a hotspot for the Innsbruck freestyle scene for years and an insider tip for guests from all over the world. In the sunny terrain above Innsbruck there are easy boxes, tubes as well as many, very challenging and creative rails and tubelines.

Beginners and advanced riders

The snowpark is divided into three sections. The upper part offers some freestyle beginner obstacles and a chillarea with interesting hike elements for advanced riders. A highlight here is our miniramp, which delights all levels.

Train and have fun

The heart of the snow park is located at a short drag lift directly behind, here experienced riders can get creative on various obstacles, train and have fun. Another short park section is located just before the middle station.